Hearing God’s Call

Are you called to religious life?
How do you know you are called? This is the question most often asked of our Sisters. There are no easy answers. The process of answering the question of whether or not you are called to serve is called Discernment. And it can be a very exciting time of self discovery. It helps to seek spiritual direction from someone qualified within the Church.
Mission Helpers of the Sacred Heart Sisters are available to answer your questions and help you begin the journey. To talk with a Sister, Click here.
The call to serve comes in many different ways. Click here to find out how some Mission Helpers knew they heard God’s call to religious life.
As you contemplate religious life, Ask Yourself…
  • …Why am I considering religious/missionary life?
  • …How is my heart responding to the concerns and pain of the world?
  • …What am I passionate about?
  • …What values do I hold?
  • …Do I hear an inner voice? What is it saying?
  • …Do I feel the need to make life better?
  • …Do I feel as if something is missing in my life?
  • …Is my work making a difference in the world?
  • …Do I sense the hand of God in my life?
  • …What is God inviting me to do?
Reflect on Your Feelings
Don’t ignore feelings of anxiety or confusion during the early stages of discernment. Allow yourself to stay with these emotions and invite God to join you in reflecting on them. Listen carefully to what God may be telling you. Be present to God and the messages that move within you.
Discuss your feelings with an adviser or friend, and meet with your Spiritual Director regularly. You may also want to contact a religious congregation and ask questions of the Sisters. To contact a Mission Helper of the Sacred Heart Sister, Click here.
Take time to pray. You may want to ask a religious community to pray for you or with you.
Reflect on your personal history, your individual gifts, strengths and weaknesses. Explore your reasons for considering religious life. What is God asking of you? Click here for a suggested prayer and meditation for today.
Discernment – Get the Facts
Gather information on the Discernment Process as well as on individual religious communities. (See Resources below.)
Contact the communities that appeal to you and speak with the Sisters about their missions and ministries. Click here to begin a dialogue with a Mission Helper Sister, either by e-mail or to arrange a time for a telephone conversation or a visit.

Discernment Resources:

  • RETREATS have helped shape people’s spiritual lives for generations. Taking time apart can be liberating as well as life-giving. Your inner call is a source of energy for your life. Unlock it at a Retreat! Click here to find out more about these Retreat opportunities:
    • F.O.C.U.S (Following Our Call – United in Spirit) One-day Retreat explores topics such as following your call, finding your place in the world and questions , doubts and fears about life choices.
    • “Come and See” Live-ins – A weekend experience for women to live in Community in order to discern if religious life is their calling
  • “Responding to God’s Call” by Charles J. Jackson, S.J. available at
  • “Religious Life and You” – www.VocationGuide.org.
  • “The Art of Discernment” by Stefan Kiechle – www.avemariapress.com
  • “Discernment: The Art of Choosing Well” – www.liguori.org and www.Amazon.com
  • Catholic Network of Volunteer Services – www.volunteer@cnvs.org
  • “CONNECTIONS: Directory of Volunteer Opportunities” – www.pallotticenter.org