A Book Review – By Sister Joanne Frey, MHSH

THE GLASS CASTLE – By Jeannette Walls

A glass castle? Is this someone’s dream? Yes, it was a dream, but more, it was a “promise” by Rex Walls to his children.  A glass castle!  He would build it.  They all would build it.  They would live in it!

This Irishman was a compelling story teller, one who won the hearts of his children, especially that of Jeannette (whose mother put extra “N’s” and “O’s” into her name to make her special).  To her Dad, whom she adored, she was always his “mountain goat,” always able to care for herself and all others in need.

Now, if you ever thought your family a bit dysfunctional, The Glass Castle is a must read memoir.  From it you’ll learn what a real dysfunctional family is all about.  There is such intellectual brilliance that you’ll be blinded at times; there is love among siblings that will tear at your heart strings as it keeps them bonded through impossible situations.

If this Memoir had just been about the “homes” they inhabited (never the glass castle) we readers would have been fascinated, but there is so much more.

From the open deserts of Arizona to the rugged hollows of West Virginia to New York City and San Francisco, this memoir is truly fascinating and astonishing.  Shall I tell you that Mom and Dad are homeless, street people, that the ‘mountain goat’ graduates from Barnard College?  But, no more, you must read for yourself, The Glass Castle.

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