A Journey with Jesus

The third in a series of reflections by Sister Natalie DeLuca, MHSH, on her pilgrimage to the Holy Land.

The peace and beauty of the Sea of Galilee was stunning. The day was sunlit and the water sparkled. We boarded a boat and sailed around the Sea.  As the boat turned slowly, white seagulls circled above us and the crew played “Amazing Grace.”  It was a moment I will remember and cherish.

Later, on shore, we reflected on this lovely place where Jesus once walked on water and called his friends to be “fishers of men.” The water lapped softly at the shore, barely making a sound or causing a ripple.  Many of the pilgrims picked up “memory tokens”—small stones—along the shoreline.

I picked two small stones—a dark one for my continued journey that would probably include some dark times of struggle, and a small white stone to symbolize the sheer sparkle of the day and the future joy in continuing my journey with Jesus.

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