Celebrating Around the Throne – All Saints

By Sister Jane Geiger, MHSH

THE FEAST OF ALL SAINTS on November 1 is one that can really fire our imaginations, have cosmic dimensions and resonate down to the nitty-gritty of our lives.

We celebrate the triumph of Jesus and our salvation through the blood of the Lamb.  The Feast of All Saints joins all who have been saved in a spectacular way in a universal celebration of the unfathomable love of God for us.

Imagine…All creation, people of every nation and tongue proclaim the glory of God’s graciousness to us.  Angel choirs, patriarchs and prophets, martyrs and saints of every age join in the chorus of praise and thanksgiving.

As we reflect on this panorama, do we see murals on a wall and statues on pedestals to be admired from afar?  Or, do we allow this heavenly array to surround us and welcome us into their company?  They were once where we are now, striving to make their way through life’s journey.  Their challenges were most likely not the same ones we face today, but their lives were filled with choices and decisions.

They elected to say “yes” to the journey with Jesus in the death/resurrection mystery of life. Now, they inspire us to strive for ideals of love and service, reconciliation and healing beyond what we ever imagined we could do.  They show us that sinfulness, reluctance and unworthiness can be overcome.  It can be done!

As we live our lives today, the saints stand with us as friends, advocates and models of response to the One who shed his blood for us and loved us to his death.  No, we are not spectators, but part of the company of the holy people who surround the throne giving glory and unending praise to God.  Holy! Holy! Holy!

Who are the Saints you look to for help and guidance?


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  1. Jane, what a wonderful piece of work you have given me to think about and reflect on the role of the saints in my life and the lives of those I live and work with. I am making a copy of it to share with my catechists. Thank you for sharing your faith and insights around this wonderful collection of people who have gone before us and await our arrival in the kingdom.

  2. Beautiful! Thanks, Jane. Some of my favorite saints have not yet been canonized: Pope John XXIII, Dorothy Day, and Thomas Merton. God bless! Dolores SSJ

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