Centering Our Hearts for Valentine’s Day

As our thoughts turn to Valentine’s Day, the Mission Helpers invite you to join us in a prayer for new hearts, courageous hearts, sensitive hearts that replace the hardness of hearts steeped in war, violence, hatred and prejudice. We pray that we will be able to communicate with our brothers and sisters in the language of the heart in order to solve the problems of difference and rejoice in our diversity.

Heart of Jesus, we celebrate the depths of the love of your heart

for us—a love that longs for a generous response.

You revealed to Saint Margaret Mary your regret that so many

refuse your love and turn from you.

We, your people, stand before you and the world.

In your name we reach out to those who need you.

In prayer and service we come before you to offer a return

and be a voice for those who cannot or do not respond.

Endow us with your vision and empower us with your spirit to minister—heart

touching heart—to the poor, the broken, the alienated ones of this world.

Heal our own hearts to be responsive to you and effective in your mission.

Sacred Heart of Jesus, Your Kingdom Come!  Amen.

–A Prayer of the Mission Helpers of the Sacred Heart

0 thoughts on “Centering Our Hearts for Valentine’s Day

  1. I am reminded of a quote from Michael Morwood, ” [I try] to bring what I know about the universe and what I believe about God together. Reflecting on the grandeur and the expansiveness of the universe and all its power and energy challenges me to be big hearted. I want to be expansive like the universe, not small and petty and holding on to anything that has caused me pain….not to get locked into my own small world.”

  2. Erma:

    What a great comment! When I imagine God creating an expansive universe, I can ‘t help but remember the abundance of God’s grace and love. Contemplating the universe has really helped people to imagine the limitlessness of God and also the limitless capacity of each person to love. Teilhard deChardin’s little book, The Divine Milieu, has a wonderful meditation on he Sacred Heart as an animating force at the center of the universe.

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