Christmas Reflection 2018

The Mission Helpers of the Sacred Heart would like to share the following Christmas reflection with you:

is going away
Bishop Helder Camara (1909-1999)

Going away above all,

going beyond myself

to make the universe the center,

instead of “me” and “myself”;

it is breaking through the crust of egoism

that encloses each one of us as in a prison.

Going away means I cease

putting my little world under a microscope;

I stop turning around myself

as though I were the center of life, of all that is

Going away is not about traveling miles

and reaching supersonic speeds

above all else, it means opening my eyes,

opening myself to others, reaching out to them

Finding someone who walks alongside me,

on the same road, not following me like my shadow

but seeing things I do not see

and pointing them out to me.

This Christmas may we truly experience the awesome gift of God’s very self coming to dwell within and among us!  May we welcome the Light of Christ that dispels the darkness and calls us to be light bearers. Let us celebrate Emmanuel – God with us!

We wish each of you a blessed Christmas and a New Year of peace and joy.  We extend our deepest gratitude to all our dear friends, donors and families who assist and support us in our efforts to give birth to Christ—the true Light of the World! Let us continue to raise our hearts and voices in prayers for Peace.


Sr. Elizabeth Langmead, MHSH