Community Days – The Mission Helpers Gather

By Sister Elizabeth (Liz) Langmead, MHSH

“What the Lord wants for us is infinitely more than we could ask or imagine.”                                                                                       –Ephesians 3:20

From the evening of June 9, 2011, through the afternoon of June 14, 2011, the Mission Helpers from near and far will gather for our annual Community Days.  This is a time for us to gather in prayer, meet about community matters, join together in community celebrations, enjoy each other’s company and plan for the future.  The above quote from Ephesians will serve as our theme this year as we continue our preparation for Chapter.

Our Community Constitutions, which “recognize the gospel as the basis for all Christian living and describe the ideals and traditions that form the living heritage of the Mission Helpers of the Sacred Heart,” state “The General Chapter is an assembly of elected members and ex-officio members who meet as a collegial body every four years…The first responsibility of the general chapter is to call the congregation to renewed fidelity to its mission in the church and to revitalize the life of the congregation and its members in the midst of constantly changing circumstances.” (Constitutions/Directory 58 & 60)

We will begin our Community Days (or June Days) with Eucharistic liturgy followed by a dinner celebration.  The following day we will be invited by our facilitator, Pat Flynn, SSND, on “A Journey Engaging the Future.”  What better way to begin that engagement than by carving out stillness in our lives to encounter the living God?  Following our retreat day, we will continue with our full schedule of days which will conclude with a Sending Forth ritual.

Each and every voice is a valuable voice to be heard and so this year we continue our endeavor to have more and more Sisters involved in preparation for Community Days and Chapter.  Our Formation/Spirituality Circle of Leadership has been guiding us in a Discernment Process by periodic mailings throughout the year.  Regular meetings with Circles of Leadership Animators have helped to shape our planning and assure a continuous flow of conversation and dialogue with the Circles.

Truly, our God is doing for us infinitely more than we could ask or imagine!  Perhaps some of us can relate as well to Catherine the Great when she said (no doubt with a grin) “A great wind is blowing and that gives you either imagination or a headache!”

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  1. Sisters, my prayer is with you during these special days. Liz, I have sent your article to all our SSJ convents and asked them to tuck you all in prayer. I miss your Sisters and appreciate all that you wrote, Liz. You truly live the message. Dolores Chepiga SSJ

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