“You shall be witnesses unto me to the uttermost parts of the earth.”
–Acts 1:8

The Mission Helpers are missionaries. They go where God calls them and do what God asks them to do. Each of the Sisters brings the mission to life in her own unique way—following her special call from God.

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On any given day, you might find a Mission Helper

  • Offering spiritual support to people in hospitals and nursing homes
  • Giving solace to the bereaved
  • Preparing children for First Communion and young people for Confirmation
  • Introducing newcomers to the rites and traditions of the Catholic Church
  • Leading workshops for troubled families and young people
  • Teaching adults how to teach their faith to the children
  • Being a presence and a spiritual support to the elderly in senior communities
  • Offering leadership in parishes in the absence of a priest
  • Providing food and medicines to the very poor in rural Venezuela
  • Counseling abused and homeless women
  • Serving as advocates for asylum seekers and providing housing
  • Developing on-line courses in religious education and spiritual development
  • Leading adult faith formation programs
  • Providing pastoral care and serving as advocates in the Hispanic community
  • Leading retreats and days of reflection
  • Providing spiritual direction

The Mission Helpers are founding members and active participants in:

A.W.E. – Asylee Women Enterprise

A.W.E. began in 2011 when a young Afghani woman arrived in Baltimore a few days before Christmas—friendless, homeless, destitute and eight months pregnant. She found a home with Benedictine Sisters, and her story captured the hearts of the Mission Helpers of the Sacred Heart along with seven other religious communities in the area. Soon there were asylees living at Mission Helper Center and A.W.E., the organization created to help women seeking asylum in the United States rebuild their lives and their spirits, spent it’s first years at the Mission Helper Center.

“These are women of incredible courage,” says Sr. Liz Langmead, the first Mission Helper liaison between the Community and A.W.E. “They have left everything and everyone they have ever known to come to a strange land. But their lives were in such danger that leaving was the only possible thing to do.”

A.W.E. provides transitional housing, companionship and community to asylum seekers by offering a safe and nurturing home, opportunities to connect within the larger community and each other. In addition to housing, A.W.E. offers employment skills training and educational programs such as English as a Second Language (ESL), hospitality, a food bank, a clothing “store,” individual and group therapy, and referrals to legal, medical and mental health services.

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