May 2022 CC President’s Message

I have saved our May message for the HEART OF THE MATTER
for another time. Instead, I want to share with you my message to
our Sisters and our Staff on the morning after the horror of the
May 24 massacre in Texas:


We echo Pope Francis in being “heartbroken about the
massacre” and wholeheartedly agree, “It’s time to say
‘Enough!’ to the indiscriminate trade of weapons.”
We join with others in lamenting the lives lost, injured or
affected in any way by the shooting at Robb Elementary
School in Uvalde, Texas. We are one, and we all experience
this tragedy—this rupture in the very core of our being.

We pray for anyone affected by gun violence, but especially
children, who have the right to an education without fear and
parents who have so senselessly had their children taken
from them.

We pray for the courage to be advocates for peace and
nonviolence by demanding structural changes that will end
the high rates of deaths by guns in the United States.
Heart of Christ, it is you we seek – Your Kingdom Come.

Choosing the Path of Peace:
Remembering All Those Who Lost Their Lives to
Gun Violence

–By Jane Deren, Ph.D.

We pray in the spirit of the Psalms:
We are in distress, we are in anguish.
Our tears are bitter as once again
The lives you have created
Are disrespected,

Because of fear, of hate, or
Refusal to see the others
As part of oneself,

Because weapons are more common
Than compassion,
Than solidarity.
We pray for the dead,

For their families and friends in grief.
We pray for the living,
May the healing begin,
For the wounded,

For all those in the frantic crowd,
For the local communities,
For this nation,
In distress, in anguish.
We pray that we may begin
To see the violence end
And peace be with us all.