Message from our MHSH President, Sister Elizabeth Langmead

July 2020

Message from Sr. Liz, MHSH President

We are living in such challenging times!  The Mission Helper Community believes that our message of hope and commitment is needed now, more than ever.

Keep in mind that our Community was founded in 1890 when we answered God’s call to serve the growing Black population in post-Civil War Baltimore.  Although it wasn’t called “racism” at the time, the issues of racism—poverty, injustice, lack of human rights and dignity—have always been at the core of the Mission Helpers’ ministries.  And it remains so today as we support the nation’s overdue reawakening to America’s “original sin.”

In recent months this country has been shaken to its core by two crises that may seem unrelated—the coronavirus pandemic and police violence against Blacks.  But both of these tragedies have, at their roots, structural racism.

The coronavirus has killed a disproportionate number of Black and Latinx people.  Through April 16 in New York City, the death rate among Blacks was 92 per 100,000 and among Latinx, 74 per 100,000.  The number for Whites was 45 per 100,000 and 35 per 100,000 for Asians. These trends are not limited to New York; the coronavirus has infected and killed an outsize number of Black people across the U.S.

In the area of police violence, Black people are estimated to be 2.5 times more likely than White people to be killed by the police.

The Mission Helpers’ original call to respond to the needs of the Black community has only grown stronger and more inclusive over the past 130 years.  We still advocate for Black, Latinx and underserved populations and continue to support those institutions and individuals who fight the good fight against racism in every walk of life.

All of our ministries seem to be more urgent as we navigate through these uncertain days.  But much is being revealed to us and with Divine grace and guidance we will see our way forward to a better place.

All of God’s children need to know, to feel, the power of God’s love and know that they are not alone.

The Mission Helpers hold you in prayer and know that you are with us in our commitment to fight the sin of racism.