Magnificat of Acceptance

A reflection for the first week in Advent.

By Sr. Judy Waldt, MHSH

 The Annunciation is an 1898 painting by the African American painter Henry Ossawa Tanner. It depicts the biblical scene of the Annunciation, where the archangel Gabriel visits Mary to announce that she will give birth to Jesus. The painting is held by the Philadelphia Museum of Art. 

 As we come to the end of the Church’s Liturgical Year, we begin once again the season of Advent.  

My prayers and reflection turn to Mary and her acceptance of the will of God. 

I read a Magnificat of Acceptance written by Mary Francis, P.C. C. (Univ. of Dayton).While Mary’s words gave praise to God, I think too it was a Magnificat of Acceptance to the will of God in her life.  

 This part of the Magnificat of Acceptance gave me pause. 

“The place in my heart that I had filled
with thoughts of fear and inadequacy
has been emptied and I am quiet within.
God comes to save Israel, our holy family,
remembering that we are the ones who remember,
… according to the kinship we have known …
remembering that we are the ones who remember
and that where God and people trust each other
there is home.” 

What do we need to accept or pray for this Advent?  

I invite you to read this Magnificat of Acceptance on the University of Dayton website. Scroll down the page to find it –

Wishing you peace in this Holy Season.