Reflections for the Third Week of Advent – Joyful Anticipation

By Sister Joanne Frey, MHSH

Hallelujah!  Hallelujah! At concert halls around the world, doors swing open.  Thousands in holiday array gather to celebrate, for “unto us a child is born.”  Whether in Vienna, Stuttgart, Milan or at New York’s Lincoln Center, all nations listen for the glad tidings.

Jill Robertson, Calligrapher

At Lincoln Center, David Foster introduces Andrea Bocelli and a chorus of small children singing “Santa Claus is coming to town,” because, as David accounts, “Christmas is for children.”  Where else is there such joy, anticipation, wonder and delight, for truly, “unto us a child is born.”

Are you one of God’s children, alive with longing for the coming of Emmanuel?  Has Baptism taken you into His incarnation within you?  His incarnation is everywhere, always.  Mystery replaces the magic of childhood.  Mystery envelopes the wonder, the awe in adult friendship with the human/divine person of Jesus.

Our Baptism into His life opened a potential for a union with him that enables the actualizing of Jesus alive in us—speaking, listening, urging, unifying until the world sings anew, “It came upon a midnight clear…”

For reflection:

Do you relate the incarnation within you to the suffering, war-torn world in which we live?

Do you experience Christ growing within you, thrusting strong roots deeper and deeper into the soil that is your life?  If not, do you want to ask him to gift you in this way?

Can you create times of solitude and silence that will draw down a rain of mercy and the sun of love to warm the roots within the soil that is your spirit?

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  1. The whole idea of birthing something new challenges us to ponder how life grows in us. I particularly appreciated your reflection questions. Thank You.

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