Sister Julianne M. Hau

Born in Buffalo, New York, Sister Julianne’s family relocated to Puerto Rico when se was seven years old. She remained there through college at the Inter-American University and then joined her twin sister in Montgomery County, Maryland. She worked at the Puerto Rican Research and Resources Center for five years and then opened a gift and craft shop in Winter Park, Florida.

Although she had been raised in the Church and done some volunteer work, she became more active when she met Sisters Natalie DeLuca and Teresa Mary at the Annunciation Church in Altamonte Springs, Florida.

She had thought about joining a religious community many years earlier, but she says, “I always thought I needed to have more experience. But the idea came back to me and I knew that I had never fully explored the possibility of religious life. I later realized that God had been knocking and I had never answered the call.”

So, in her late 30s, she decided to “get on with it” and entered the Mission Helpers Community. She had pastoral ministries in North Carolina and Arizona and in the field of maternity services and adoption in New York City. She worked at a New York hospital nursing home for AIDS patients, and then as the Pastoral Associate of Our Lady of Fatima in Baltimore, which included the Geriatrics Department at the Johns Hopkins Bayview Hospital.

She also served as Pastoral Associate for Social Ministry Outreach at St. Joseph Parish in Cockeysville, Maryland, before assuming the post of Wellness Coordinator for the Mission Helpers of the Sacred Heart.