Life Overcomes Death

A Reflection for the Fifth Sunday in Lent
By Sr. Princess Mary Dawson, MHSH



The story of Lazarus is a glimpse into the climax of Jesus’ life.  After escaping his opponents’ attempt at stoning him, Jesus learns that Lazarus, the brother of Martha and Mary, is ill. Lazarus is not yet dead so Jesus waits two days knowing the one he loves will die, then decides to return to Bethany.

Jesus is showing us a deep understanding of what we, even today, try to accept. Death is a part of life, and Jesus can and does overcome death.

Jesus comes to the tomb and calls Lazarus out. Lazarus comes forth and is helped with the unwrapping of his bindings. Jesus has used the death of his friend to witness the power of God. Lazarus is brought back to life, which gives us a view of death in its totality. The voice of Christ is obeyed and new life is the result for Lazarus. The call here is to hear the voice of God and obey it, then we can rejoice in new life. Jesus’ own Passion ends in having obeyed the Father, and he is given new life. Lazarus’ obedience of Jesus resulted in his coming back to life. Jesus’ obeying his Father made the Resurrection possible and gave us the Risen Christ.


Today let us consider two questions:

How do you understand death today in light of Jesus’ Passion and death?

What role does obeying Jesus play in your daily life?



We Can All Be Healers

A Reflection by Sister Rita Lynch, MHSH

The Gospel for the Fifth Sunday in Lent (John 11:1-45) involves many people besides Lazarus and Jesus. The family of Lazarus sends for Jesus and are saddened that He didn’t arrive in time; Lazarus dies.

Friends support the family but wonder why this has happened. Jesus healed others. Why didn’t he heal this one whom He obviously loved. The disciples fluctuate between wanting to be with Jesus and yet fearing where he is taking them.

Jesus asks family and friends where Lazarus is and they say, “Come and see.” They take Jesus to the tomb.

Is someone in our family, or among our friends, or in our community entombed because of some addiction, because of some emotional, physical or spiritual disease? Will we, like the family and friends of Lazarus, take Jesus to this person? Will we believe or doubt that Jesus can heal them?

depressed & down person 09 man in shadow_largeHow will we respond to Jesus’ direction, “Untie him and let him go?”

Jesus calls us to be a community of healers. Together with Jesus we can heal a broken person, a broken family, a broken world.

depressed & down person 08 woman & friend_largeAs we reflect upon and respond to the call of Jesus, we may find it helpful to listen to the hymn “We Need Each Other” by Carey Landry on his CD, “O Healing Light of Christ.”