Your Grace Is Sufficient: A Reflection for Palm Sunday

By Noreen Douglas


Give thanks unto God for the grace He has provided for us,

even when we don’t believe.

Every morning He has awakened us,

give thanks for His grace.

Each day we experience challenges, whether the same or new,

give thanks for His grace.

For personalities that are like ours, or not,

give thanks for His grace.

The hurt and pain we experience through our circumstances,

give thanks for His grace.

The sufferings we endure in our mind and body,

give thanks for His grace.

The choices we or others have chosen that cause pain or even death,

give thanks for His grace.

You Lord have given us the grace to repent and to forgive,

We give thanks for Your grace.

To be able to serve and meet the needs of the unlovable,

give thanks for His grace.

To accept what is difficult and still be content,

give thanks for His grace.

To smile when there seems to be nothing to smile about,

give thanks for His grace.

To speak encouragement even when it isn’t given,

give thanks for His grace.

Because of this day we have been given the grace to do all things

in You, through You and for You.

Therefore we give thanks for Your grace.



-Noreen Douglas is the housekeeper for the Mission Helpers.




A Personal Relationship with God – Questions for Reflection

By Sister Donna Fannon, MHSH

This Sunday we hear the very familiar story of the “Woman At The Well” (John 4: 5-42).  Surely it is one of the most beautiful (and powerful) stories of personal encounter with Christ in all of the Gospels. This story offers us a treasure trove of points to deepen our reflection and contemplation.

Jesus-Samaritan Woman at Well

As we ponder this story we notice that Jesus encounters a woman who is isolated and alienated in many ways—in her personal life, within the community, devoid of a meaningful purpose to her life.  Jesus invites himself into her life, moving her beyond the bondage of her past history, and asks her to do something for him.  With that simple action of giving the Lord water, and in conversation with Jesus, she realizes a deeper hunger she has for Living Water.  She is empowered to move beyond her personal concerns to announce the Good News, inviting others to come and see for themselves. 

For reflection:

My graced history—Along with Jesus I look at the history of my life. Can I recognize the presence of God at some points in my life? When have I experienced transformation? When has God led me beyond my failures and shortcomings? How has God been inviting me to develop some of my gifts? For what purpose? When have I asked for God’s grace? How has God responded? How do I express thanks to God for creating me and revealing God’s self to me?

mindfulmeditationMoving from isolation to relationship—Can I recall a time when I felt isolated and lonely? How has God invited me into relationship? How is God fashioning me into a loving and generous person? Who are some of the people who have been examples of loving service in my life? Where do I go to drink deeply from the springs of living water that revive and refresh my soul?

Experiencing the Call of Christ— How does Jesus refresh me and reveal Himself to me? When have I recognized Jesus’ voice calling me to discipleship? How have I responded? Do I experience myself “seeing Jesus in the poor, the hungry, the downtrodden?”

random-acts-kindness-workCo-laboring with Christ—How do I experience joy in participating in Jesus’ ongoing redemptive work in the world? What motivates me to pour out my gifts on the “little ones”… to desire to alleviate suffering… to feed the hungry? Do I ever hear the voice of Jesus saying: “Well done, good and faithful servant?” Have I ever been a transforming presence in another person’s life? How do I express my gratitude to God for this validation?

May we hear this gospel with new ears this weekend.