Listening to Jesus – A Reflection for the Third Sunday in Lent

By Sister Natalie DeLuca, MHSH

Exodus 3:1-8a, 13-15
Corinthians 10:1-6, 10-12
Luke 13:1-9 

“…I have come in search of fruit on this fig tree but found none…”  –Luke 13:6

tree_barrenMany years ago, in my childhood, I remember following my father outside in our backyard.  With watchful eyes, he would survey the vegetable garden and the fig tree planted there.  With the care it received, the fig tree would reward my father and his family with a harvest of fruit in due time.  When summer faded, my father would safeguard the tree from Pennsylvania’s wintry blast.  With shovel in hand, my father would dig around the tree, wrap it in sacking and cover it with soil.  There it would rest until it was time to resurrect it back to the warm, bright light of spring.

Today’s scripture poses a possible case of neglect or indifference.  Jesus searches for the fruit of the laborer’s work, but there is none.  The scene provokes a possible connection to our own relationship with Christ.

figtreeWhat care do I give to my relationship with Jesus?  Is there quiet time?  Time for listening, rather than reciting prayers or a litany of requests?

Quiet time in Christ’s presence nourishes the heart.  What does your relationship need in order to deepen, to grow?  The distractions of the world often deafen us, making it hard to hear the call of Christ that will nourish us.

Picture yourself in the scene with Jesus and the gardener.  What do you see?

Dry fruit?  No fruit?

Listen to Jesus.  He comes in search of fruit.   What do you hear from Him?