The Sounds of Christmas

By Sister Dolores Glick, MHSH

 …Joy to the World…Glory to the Newborn King…All is Calm, All is Bright…Peace on Earth, Good will to all…Gloria in Excelsis Deo.

Joyfully we celebrate those words, sing those carols and feel the absolute power of the Christmas story in music.

But when the sounds of the angels’ proclamations and the trumpets of joy have faded, what music plays within our hearts? 

For some, it is the somber sound of the death of a loved one, failing health or insurmountable marital problems. For the young, it may be the confusion and pressures of a rapidly changing world. Others hear the discordant music of the Middle East, where loved ones in the military face death daily. Some of us hear the sad song of the daily news, which intones the stories of refugees, terrorist plots, unemployment, foreclosures, hunger and the cold, cruel world of homelessness.   

Where has the music of Christmas gone? 

Here is the challenge: Can you let go of your “real world” song and replace it with the joyous sound of the rebirth of the world? 

For Reflection:

Are you able to rekindle the hope that is Christmas?

Which sounds of Christmas take the lead in your heart on December 26?

Can you embrace the certainty that each new day is a new beginning through the birth of the infant Jesus in Bethlehem?

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  1. Thanks, Sister Dolores, for the reminder to truly listen to the sound of Christmas. Celebrating in my parish the tradition of Las Posadas brings that sense of hope you mention. Las Posadas always rekindles the hope and joy of what Christmas is all about for me. Walking with children who dress up as Mary and Joseph looking for an “inn” or lodging on their journey to Bethlehem, singing songs of expectation and haste to see the promise one brings warmth to my heart these past cold nights. The joy in the children’s faces while trying to be the one who hits the piñata and the outburst sounds of sheer joy when the flow of candy and small toys falls before them heightens one’s sense of hearing to another level. All of these sounds lead me to truly listen to the Christmas story to bring Christ in our hearts and let it stay there beyond the 12 days of Christmas.

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