“Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud” –Maya Angelo

A Reflection on a New Call to Ministry by the Aging, by Sister Dolores (Dolly) Glick, MHSH

Ministry to Elders 2Aware seniors can see the world and others through the eyes of one who is aging. They are more sensitive to the needs of others and can reach out to their fellow seniors offering the many gifts they still have to share. Those of us who live in senior facilities see the opportunities for ministry—they exist all around us! And they all begin with just being present to the other.

Just now, I look around and can see calls to ministry that require nothing more—or less—than simply caring. Among them:

Visiting with someone preparing for surgery

Giving a wheelchair ride to someone unable to leave her room

Reminiscing with people about their good memories and those they have loved

Helping others to see the joys and blessings of aging

Being sensitive to inner, unspoken wounds

Bringing compassionate presence to the brokenhearted and despondent

Lending a listening ear

Telephoning someone you think may be lonely

Visiting those in hospice or nursing care units

Ministry to Elders 4The opportunities are endless.

What are the joys and blessings of your ministry? Become aware of the ways in which you can reach out to others.

May we live each day as fully as we can knowing that God’s grace will provide all the help and guidance that we need.

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  1. The other day I was reading an article addressing the gift of the ‘wisdom years’ of our lives. As I reflect on Sr. Dolores’ words, she has articulated the beauty of aging with wisdom, age, grace and service! An inspiration to all of us who journey forth!

  2. This is a lovely inspiration! We can all be encouraged to ‘reach out’! A moment of kindness sparks a ‘rainbow day’ for someone in need!

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