Week of Prayer for Christian Unity: January 18-25, 2012

Preparation: Observing the Week of Prayer

The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity gives Christians an annual opportunity to continue their quest for the unity they already share in Christ. It is also a time to gather in praise of the Triune God and to deepen the understanding of the ecumenical movement. By joining in this annual celebration Christians raise their voices, hands and hearts to God seeking the fulfillment of the prayer of Jesus, the Son of God, “that they all may be one.”

The Week of Prayer also invites those who participate to use it as an opportunity to examine the effectiveness of the ecumenical movement in seeking to end the divisions among Christians. From the smallest to the largest communities, from all cultures, races and language groups, from all the baptized to all those in ordained ministry, the Week of Prayer is also an opportunity to ask examine the level of support they have given to this important movement in the life of the Church. An accounting of each Christian’s discipleship and faithfulness to the proclamation of the Gospel – the good news of reconciliation – can be taken every year during the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity.

What follows are some suggestions that we hope can assist Christians in the experience of observing the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity and celebrating the 2012 theme of “We Will All Be Changed by the Victory of Our Lord Jesus Christ.” (cf. 1Corinthians 15:51-58). This is by no means a comprehensive listing. We hope that as you create your own opportunities of prayer for Christian unity you will share those with others. Each new experience of prayer and gathering provides the Christian faith community with opportunities to grow in our understanding of one another as we celebrate our unity and common mission.

From Wednesday, January 18 through the following Wednesday, January 25, “From The Heart” will post daily scripture passages, commentary and questions for reflection.  We invite all of our readers to pray daily in communion with Christians worldwide.

(Source: Greymoor Ecumenical and Interreligious Institute)

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